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Laser Security started life back in 1983 fitting a specialist lock known as the 'Salsbury Instant Differ Lock' which was designed and patented by Mike Salsbury who ran a small locksmiths shop in Croydon. The lock itself was insurance approved and the two main principles behind the lock was the uniquely designed mechanism and the fact that no key combination could ever be repeated. Despite many successful sales and installations, Salsbury Locks eventually failed.

The manufacturing company of the Salsbury Lock were left with problem of what to do with the remaining stock. They were also under pressure to provide a maintenance service to repair and maintain faulty locks for existing customers. So they elected to continue to provide the component parts. However, as they had no experience installing or maintaining the Salsbury Lock they approached Laser Security for assistance.

One of the customers of the Salsbury locking system was Wandworth Council who had Salsbury Locks fitted to many of their sheltered accommodation schemes for the elderly and needed backup support. We applied for and gained Approved Contractor status with the council and started a support service which included an emergency callout facility. Some time later we were asked if we did other types of work and we soon found ourselves installing various other security systems on the councils behalf. In essence this is how Laser Security came into being which was in December of 1985. Over the years we have continued to work closely with many departments within the council particularly Parks Police, and we are proud to say that Wandsworth Council and Laser Security still enjoy a partnership today. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many staff and friends at the Council for their support over the years.

Since 1985 we have increased our client base to include other councils, embassies, civil aviation, major banking institutions, and the Ministry of Defence. Not all our customers are large organisations, many others range from offices, industrial units, shops, hotels, car parks, and of course the residential sector. We take great pride in every installation that we do, and are extremely proud when any of our systems prevent or help detect crime.

One of our earliest lessons was that it does not always pay to use the cheapest equipment particularly when it comes to security. We found that cheaper equipment worked fine but was prone to more faults, irritated the client and committed us to spending precious time repairing or replacing faulty equipment. The old adage of 'You get what you pay for' holds true, so we will always use good quality and well proven components in our installations thus decreasing the amount of time we spend on servicing, thereby assuring our customers of reliability and instilling confidence in their security system.

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